Friday, July 22, 2011


Since my last post on Wednesday, I have received two rejections.  They were different manuscripts, one was a picture book and one was an early middle grade fiction.  The picture book rejection told me "You may want to consider looking at the SCBWI website for tips and info on how to write children's books"!!!  Do you think that is a hint for, you cannot write for children!??!

I am trying to be all optomistic and postitive and I will go to their website, I am actually affiliated with them, and look at their tips etc, maybe it can help me in the long run....who knows!

SCBWI stands for Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, for those who wanted to know!!  I check their website alot to look for trends and whats hot.  It is so difficult to write a book when you know what is in right now, but that given another 6 months will be pushed aside for a new 'hot' topic.  Agents and Publishers vary alot in their likes or wants, some would like to see furry critters frolicking in the meadow, others are dead against the talking animal lead book.  So, what do you do?  If you write what they want now, in a month when it is completed and polished, you go back to their websites and low and behold, their wishlist has changed!

For me, I think I will just continue writing what I feel, and if the book fits into one of the numerous agents or publishers list then great and if not.....oh well!!!

Happy Penning!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

It may have been a while since I last posted but I can tell you, I have been a busy bee.  Not only have I been writing, yes you read me correctly, I have been writing, but I have also been researching literary agents.  My list of potential agents is rather long, but I am excited because they are in many different genres, ie. picture books, chapter books, middle grade fiction and YA, also memiors, parenting and blogs.  I have alot ahead of me, but feel as though I am taking the bull fully by the horns and making a move in the right direction.

Since I last posted I have written about 8 pages of work.  Now, they were not all on my Blog Book 'B'.  I am writing a narrative of my experiences attempting to potty train my daughter.  This is a 'journey' we have been on now for several months, and from the look of things will be continuing on that journey for another few months!  I decided to journal my thoughts and feelings in hopes that I may be able to inspire or at least commiserate with other parents going through the same 'joyous' event!

Blog Book 'B' is now a little heftier, which is a good thing, but I am still further behind than I hoped I would be by this stage in our gorgeous summer.  The days still drag me outside when I should be inside writing but as I have said before, how can I say no to my beautiful baby girl when she wants me to splash about in her paddling pool?  I just can't.  Joy of joys though, some new motivation came my way in the shape of a 'wish list' from an agent.  In her blog she describes some books she would love to see, and as yet hasn't.  My Blog Book 'B' would fall into one of the categories on her wish list....fate?  So I have a new fire under my backside, and with some luck and a whole lot of typing, I may make the agent stand up and take notice of me.

Speaking of agents, I have sent out my manuscripts, yes I have more than one, to some literary agents.  Their average response time is about 4-6 weeks, so don't expect to hear from me in the next day or two with news of an acceptance!  Nothing came of my Blog Book 'A' going off to the agent, but hopefully this time may be different, keep those fingers crossed!

Happy Summer!!

Happy Penning!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Plan!!

I have devised a new plan for myself during the beautiful summer that is upon us.  I am having a very difficult time focusing my efforts sitting indoors and writing.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flies are being obnoxious but the creativity within me is waning...quickly!  For some reason my brain is telling me to enjoy the out of doors, play in the paddling pool with my daughter, go to the park, the zoo, anywhere that being outside is necessary.  Needless to say my writing is pretty much non-existant at the moment, so I have decided to concentrate my efforts on using my 'Writers Market' to make a list of potential literary agents and publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

The Writers Market is a wonderful tool for aspiring authors.  It houses pages upon pages of agents and publishers, including their contact information and websites, useful to find agents that specialise in your genre.  It also gives tips on how to write that eye catching query letter, so go pick one up today if you are in need of a literary agent!

I don't like to take my laptop outside with me, in case you were wondering why I can't get myself motivated indoors, I can see it now, my laptop will be forgotten outside and will be fried in the heat, or worse yet, we will get a summer storm, which we are experiencing alot lately and my laptop will be drowned.  At least if I take my pen and notebook with my Writers Market out with me they will not be sizzling if forgotten and will be able to dry out if soaked!  New Plan.....I like it!!!

Happy Summer everyone, and....

Happy Penning!!