Monday, August 29, 2011

Reading or Writing??

So my goal, obviously, is to get my books published.  I love writing, sometimes it frustrates me, but most of the time I really enjoy the process.  I don't particularly enjoy the Query letter writing process, but hey-ho, it goes with the territory!  To figure out my writing a little better I decided to read some middle grade and YA fiction, the problem now is that I am a little suckered into my reading to get to my writing!!  Catch-22 right??  Do I read the books to get a better understanding of what MG and YA fiction should truly be? or do I just bang on with my writing?  Thoughts, questions, comments are all welcome!!!

Now for something completely different!!!!

Why is it that my apple tree lost all of it's apples this year???  Last year we had a huge haul of yummy apples, but this year, although we had a ton on the tree, they never grew and in fact all seemed to fall off before harvesting time!??!  Any thoughts? 

Well, I hope everyone has been having or has had, depending on where you live, a very lovely summer.  Ours is not over yet, so there is still alot of summer fun to be had.

Happy Penning!!

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  1. I have the same problem, I get caught up in reading so much I don't write some nights, and other nights I write but get no reading done, but I love to do both for the same reasons as you.

    SO yeah... what do you do?