Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Book

So I have started, and not discarded, a new story.  Like many of my other stories I have a burst of inspiration, and then.......nothing.  But, unlike other tales I have attempted to tell, this is one I am going to blog about and complete.  I will share, as usual, my penned pages, and my week in writing.  So lets begin another journey with each other, not forgetting that our first adventure is not yet complete, as my book has not been picked up for publication yet, so I will keep you up to date with Book 'A', and here we are beginning Book 'B'.

'Penned Pages'

Monday: 2 pages
Tuesday: 1 page
Wednesday: nothing yet, but give me time!!

'Week In Writing'

This week I decided to begin a new story.  I had my usual burst of excitement and got that down on paper, then inspriation went out the window when I was summoned to play 'picnic time' with my daughter, but do not dispair, I shall get back to it and hopefully have some interesting twists and turns to place in my book.

I think quite alot about the starting out authors who have young children and how they did it.  How they managed to put their thoughts down on paper with a toddler running rampant through the house!  And not feeling guilty when the kids want to play a game or go outside and play.  I haven't been able to have a decent relationship with my laptop and my thoughts when my daughter is up and awake!!  I usually wait til she is resting in bed or if she is having a TV addiciton day!  But even then, the dog and the doorbell always seem to bark/ring at the most inopportune times!  Oh well, I am sure all those other female writers are having similar experiences as I am.  As a Mom we just have to push through it and get it done!  Right Moms??

Happy Penning!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kinda Crazy!!!

Well, I received an email yesterday congratulating me on being chosen for a digital short e-book publishing contract! 

I am still in a state of shock, I really don't know what to say except I will give out all the info on when and where it will be published very soon.  Stunned is beyond what I feel right now. 

I have to ask myself too, am I stunned because it is the most fabulous thing to happen or is it because I am stunned someone chose my work?  I flip-flop between the two I guess.  I am very excited that this is happening, could it be the beginning of something amazing?  I hope so.

Just wanted to let you all know my exciting news, and like I said I will give more info on when/where soon as I know more too.

Happy Penning!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I am waiting as patiently as I can for some feedback about my manuscript. I have handed it out to several family members and a couple of friends, but as yet......nothing!

Should I worry? Are they not emailing with critique because it is so bad that they don't want to upset me? Or are they just really busy and have not yet fully looked at it? I like the second option the best!

Well, with my first finished manuscript waiting for some critique, I am beginning to write another book. The only thing is, I write the first few pages and then either get bored, or have no idea where to go from there. So what ends up happening is I save it and move onto another one. I have done this three times since I finished my manuscript, and I have to say, I am angry with myself about it.

The reason behind starting this blog was for motivation and accountability while writing a book....this I have accomplished, but now I am back to my old habits.  So, as I am waiting for valuable suggestions, I am going to pick up one of the recently started books and will keep going until it is finished.  I, again, will write down my penned pages, and give you a run down of my week in writing.  We, or more I, will start again and complete a manuscript.  I just have to pick which one to go with!!

Maybe I should blame all of my anxiety over critiques, and my lack of motivation while writing on the 'End of the world'.....'Armageddon'.....'Judgement Day'?  However, since May 21st 2011 6pm came and went without a hitch, I really can't blame life as we know it ending, so, here I am safe and sound, and ready to write....again!!

Happy Penning!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Who Wants It?

I have gone round and round thinking about who I will give my manuscript to for review. I have passed it on to a couple of my family members, but feel that maybe some friends could give some great insight too. Now, I do have to say that if all your review is going to consist of is one word like 'crap' or 'rubbish' then you can keep your thoughts to yourself, but if you are willing to review and give constructive criticism then I am looking for you.

The manuscript is not polished and this is the reason why I need some reviews. If I wasn't ready to gouge my eyes out with a dessert spoon when reading it I could edit some more, but as it is I need help!
So, my next question is......who wants it?

Happy Penning!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Editing - Round Three

Well, so far I have revised my manuscript about 3 times. Every time I go through it I start to go cross eyed. I am thinking I am at the point where I need a new pair of eyes to read it and give a critique. Hubby? Mom? or maybe a complete stranger? I am not sure if I want constructive, or possibly horrendous criticism from a stranger, then again my Hubby will tell me how fab it is, and Mom will be all about the grammar!

Why do I feel so wary about someone reading what I have written?  Part of it is the possibility of negative feedback.  I once gave a short story to someone to read, and their response when I asked them what they thought was a nod of the head, fake smile, and barely audible 'yeah'.  So, obviously they thought it was crap, but instead of no response, perhaps a pat on the shoulder, a pitiful smile, and maybe 'the concept was great, the writing was okay.  Keep trying, I would love to read more for you.'  That I could have dealt with, but as it is, I am a bit freaked out with letting my manuscript be read, even by my family.

There are no 'Penned Pages' today, and no 'Week in Writing' either!!!  This week has been wonderful and weird all at the same time.  I didn't write at all, I just revised, and that ended up mushing my brain!  But, today I am going to begin a new book.  I feel it is time to start something totally new.  I know, I know, last post I had written a few pages of a new manuscript but somehow whenever I sit to write, I just get a huge block.  So I thought I would start something new and see where it gets me....good idea?  Who knows, probably not but oh well!!

Happy Penning!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Editing - Round 2

I am finished with the first edit of my manuscript. At first the revision process was a little more difficult than anticipated, but as I went along, I truly found it to be cathartic. I was erasing the demons of the book and opening the doors for the heroes! Well, not literally as then I wouldn't have a very engrossing book!

I am not sure how many revisions this book will have but I am sure I am not quite finished yet! During editing I have started another book, not quite sure what the echelon is about editing/writing....Is it acceptable for me to be editing one and writing another?

I wonder if the second edit is faster than the first, and the third faster then the second. On the first edit I did alot of erasing and re-writing as well as grammar and spelling mistakes, althoug their r not manny of thowse as I thunk I am a grate speler!!!!!! But if I have already done alot of the grammatical errors etc.. then it is just the story to revise right? So, will it be easier? quicker? I will have see when I get to the second revision.
'Penned Pages'
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: Erased 2 pages, so am back where I first started at 0!!
Thursday: 1 page of story line ideas, and geographical places for the book.

'Week In Writing'
As I began a story, I got to the second page and realised I hated it...if I hated it after 2 pages then I wasn't going to enjoy writing it right? So, I erased the whole thing, which took me forever, just kidding. I then began some background writing for a new book. I don't usually do alot of background work or research, but for this next book, I think I will need it. So, aside from writing I will have an atlas in front of me to make sure all my mapping is correct.

'Author's Authority'
Is it safe to begin another book before finishing with the revision process on a previous book? I am not sure if one can keep on track editing while attempting to write. If your mind is trying to polish a fantasy story and you begin writing a romance, how can you be sure that your fantasy doesn't turn a bit sordid?? Maybe I will research how other authors combat to edit/to write.
Happy Penning!

Monday, May 2, 2011


So here I am reading through my finished manuscript.  Well, I am changing so much I wonder if it was even worth writing it in the first place.....Okay, so YES IT WAS!!!!!  However, why am I changing so much of it?  Was the beginning of a different writing calibre than that of the end?  Guess I can't ask that yet as I haven't made it to the end quite yet!  But does our writing style/voice become stronger as we go on?

Maybe that is just something for new writers to ask themselves.  Once you get fully immersed into a story does it become easier to write?  And does the quality of our written word improve?  I know alot of writers say to write every day no matter what it is that you are writing, I guess that is just like anything else, practice, practice, practice!!!!

'Revisions Penned Pages'

Friday: 2
Saturday: 1
Sunday: 0
Monday: So far, 1 but I have big plans to spend my daughters nap time revising!

Only 57 more pages to edit!

'Week In Writing - Revision'

It is quite difficult to see my words previously typed out erased within a split second.  What I thought worked in the beginning actually didn't, at least not in my opinion at this moment in time!
So far I have erased almost the entire first page!  yet added a page or two with more descriptive sentences.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Add in a few bits and bobs and there you go!!  DONE!!  Well, not that easy because in the moment it seems to flow, the words fly from my fingertips and I get caught up in the story.  Now I am going back through it, I am realising that what I have written is sometimes a little too basic, that more back story is needed, which I wasn't thinking about when in the first stages of putting it all down.  Will I enjoy this editing process as much as the writing process??  Only time will tell, and I will tell you too!!!

'Author's Authority'

How many times do you edit until you are satisfied with the manuscript?  How do you know when to stop?  And how do you not change everything about the book?  These are questions I have about my ability to edit self-critically.  I am not sure I will know when to say....'Ah, there it is, my finished book.'  I may go too far and think....'Ugh, totally not worth sending out now!'  However, I hope I am critical enough to know when a sentence or paragraph needs pulling or embellishing, let's just hope I don't feel that way about all of them!

Happy Penning!