Thursday, June 23, 2011


In a few previous posts I have mentioned storyboarding.  This is something that many writers do,whether they are writing a novel or a script.  Many directors use storyboards to sequence the action in a movie, they use drawings or cartoons to show the flow of the story.  Writers take a different approach though, still the same concept but without the drawings!

There are several different ways to storyboard, and just like anything in life, what works for one author may not work for another.  Some people prefer notecards.  Each card has a scene that the writer wants to be in the novel.  They are then sequenced as to how the writer sees the story progressing.  Once that is done, more cards can be added to 'fill in the blanks' of the story.  Others may opt for the poster board and sticky note option.  Similar to the note cards, the sticky notes are used to write down key scenes and then put into a timeline on the poster board, this way you can move around the stickies and add/subtract any that you wish to make a coherent story.  There are also programs you can download to help with the storyboard process.  WriteItNow and yWriter are just two of many that I have downloaded, but as yet have not used.  I am rather illiterate when it comes to the computer and so am still trying to navigate my way through them!! 

What I decided to do was storyboard in my notebook.  I bulleted everything that I felt would be important to the story, in chronological order, this way I have a direction to go but can still be spontaneous with my ideas.  So far it is working well, and helping me be a little more active in my writing since I know the next stage I need to get to.  With this being the first draft of Book 'B' I allow myself to be a little messy, this way I am able to just regurgitate whatever is in my brain without having to worry about it being perfect.

'Penned Pages'
Since I last posted, I think I have about 6 additional pages, now bare in mind it has been about a week or so since my last post!!!!  Still, it is an addition so can't be too hard on myself!

'Week In Writing'
Since I decided to write a storyboard I have had a lot more free flowing story ideas, there have been a few times where I have wondered how to get from point A to point B, but overall the storyboard is working pretty well.  It is very difficult to juggle home, work, play etc. however, and have chosen to put everything before my writing!!  I know I shouldn't do this but hey.....IT'S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!  My daughter and I have been enjoying the sun alot, with trips to the pool, to the Zoo and having lovely picnics at the farm.  It is wonderful to see the summertime through her eyes!

Enjoy the Season is truly special.

Happy Penning!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book 'A' Submission

Okay, so I have officially sent out my first query to a Literary Agency!!  I have to say I am a little nervous about it zipping off electronically through cyber space to end up in somebody's 'in-box'.  I am sure they will be totally bogged down with manuscripts, but hope and pray they read and enjoy the book, or at least the first 10 pages of it!!  Book 'A' is now out in the world, how many submissions do we think it will take until someone picks it up......I should start a wager with you all!

I found writing the main query letter was extrememly difficult.  In fact it may have been harder than writing the manuscript!  Okay, maybe not but there was alot of anxiety and re-writing that occured just for it to be emailed.  I do understand that the query is equally important as the manuscript itself but why?  The book is speaking for itself, the query is just you, nothing but you and your accomplishments, so why does it need to be so perfect?  I understand the need for good spelling, punctuation and grammar but perfection?  I hope perfection shines through in my query, I followed all guidelines to a tee, or at least I think I I am doubting myself!!  See, sheer anxiety over this submission, please let them love it so I don't have more queries to write.

'Penned Pages'

So, as we discussed in a previous post, it is summertime, and I have been enjoying it to the fullest so far.  I am not going to beat around the bush......I have written NOTHING!!!!!!!!  That's right, zip, zilch, zero!!!

Too much fun has been infiltrating my writing time.  Swimming, gardening, trips to the Zoo and farm, all these have taken priority the last few weeks.  I know I need to prioritize a little better, and I will, I promise....this Fall!!!!!!  No, no, no...I am sorry, that was a bad joke!  Seriously I will take more time and finish my Book 'B' by later this Summer/Fall.

Happy Penning!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


So summer is officially here.  The sun is shining, the grass is green, kind of, and the BBQs are being fired up!  We grilled yesterday at our house, kebabs and watermelon were on the menu....yummy!  There are certain things that you only have or do in the summertime, grilling and eating outside is one of them.  We grill in the winter too but eat inside, so to be able to sit outside on the patio is just wonderful.  All the delicious fruits that are indicitive of summer are also something we enjoy.  Watermelon, cherries, plums, peaches and blackberries, oh how my taste buds water just writing about you all!!

What is it that you enjoy about summer?  Are there specific things that you look forward to?  I was thinking of how inspiring this amazing time year can be, and thought I would put together a collection of thoughts, poems and short stories all about this one season...summer!!  If I can get it completed by August, I will self-publish on smashwords for all to enjoy.

I know making this new goal is taking me away from my Book 'B' that is not yet complete, okay, so it is still in single digit number of pages but, I will not be pushing it to the side, my summer compilation will be in addition to Book 'B'.  So have no fear my loyal readers, I am still motivated and will still give you my 'Penned Pages' and 'Week In Writing', in fact why don't I segway into that right now!!

'Penned Pages'

In the last week I have only written 2 and a smidge pages, but I say to myself, 2 are better than none and so am happy with that.

'Week In Writing'

This past week has been busy, busy, busy.  I have been working more than usual, and have been attending some rather fun events......including a work event through my husbands office with the employees and their families, it was a great afternoon and we all enjoyed it.  I also attended a Debutante Ball, that is right people, a Debutante Ball!!!!  Super Posh I know, and what a night!!  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and anyone who has an 18 year old Debutante please let me know as I would love to attend another ball!! 

Anyway, I am going to try and spend more time at the laptop, get inspired and write my little tail off, probably won't happen but no-one can say I don't have the drive!  Enjoy your summer, wherever you are.

Happy Penning!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Knocking out Book 'B'

So my heart has returned back to normal, and now reality is once again a cloud above!  I have begun to add to Book 'B' and sat for a while today and knocked out about 3 pages.  Later, I may sit in my scent filled garden under my wasp infested umbrella sipping a flavoured water and add a few more pages to it, although I am not sure because the deliciousness of my water may entice the pesky wasps to come and take a dip, so maybe not after all!!

It is definitely summer here in Denver.  The lilacs are blossoming as are the lilies and irises.  The grass is slowly beginning to scorch if not watered on an almost daily basis and the water bill will be ever expanding the further we get into summer.   The smell of sunscreen on my daughter is heaven, that is when you know the pool is open and beckoning you to come and splash about.  As yet we haven't graced the pool with my pasty white chubby thighs but give me time and I will clear the place out. 

I live in a relatively dry climate but for some reason it is sticky, sticky, sticky.  I don't so well in humidity, even though I grew up in England, rather humid, I am now so used to the dryness of Colorado that one bead of humid sweat sends me running into air conditioning.  I have a hard time concentrating when I am hot and can get kind of crabby, just ask my family.  So, I am hoping that although I know I should, I am not too sure if I will, get alot of work on my manuscript done this summer.  Between the pull of the pool and other outdoorsy fun, and without air conditioning in my house, we do have a swamp cooler but not the same, I am not sure about the level of productivity.

An indication of my lack of writing may also be seen in the decreased amount of posts on this blog.  So, if you haven't seen some spew of words here for a while, just know that I am probably still alive and well, just out at the pool scaring folk off or wrestling my water from a band of wasps, either way I will try to be as creative as I can.

'Penned Pages'

This weekend was so busy for me that I haven't touched my manuscript since about Wed of last week, however, today I got it back onto my lap and banged out 3 pages!

'Week In Writing'

I haven't begun a storyboard yet, I am thinking about it but in the mean time I am writing.  So far no storyboard has been necessary.  I was sitting today with my laptop on my lap (surprise), and found that 3 pages just came from within.  Now, I am not saying one will never be necessary, I am just saying for now, one is not needed. 

Today was the first day in almost a week that I sat down to add anything to my book.  I wasn't sure if I would remember where my train of thought was going from last time but I did.  Could it be that a story 'speaks' to you so to speak? (no pun intended).  I listened to an interview with Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert the other day and she said that she actually speaks to her stories, the ones in her head or that have just been penned.  Bizarre? or should we all admit to speaking to inanimate objects or in some cases fantastical ideas?  Would our souls be cleansed and more open to new ideas and story lines if we spoke to them?  I don't know the answer to that just as I don't know the answer to 'If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound??'

Happy Penning!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Revisions complete!!

I have spent the last week revising Book 'A'.  My wonderful husband printed it off and I was able to make notes and corrections, which was so much easier than trying to do it on the computer.  So now I have a completed manuscript!!  What next?  Well, I am going to get some query letters and submission letters sorted out and send Book 'A' to literary agents and publishers, and hopefully get a bite :)

The most difficult thing about revising was sorting through what was necessary to the story and what wasn't, also how to tie everything together or at least make it flow and not end up choppy with information here, there and everywhere.  But for the most part I think it is decent, and ready to go to agents.

Since I have my e-book up and running, and Book 'A' is complete, I can now focus on Book 'B'.  I have sent the first few pages to a friend of mine whose opinion I respect, so she can give me an honest first look.  I am not sure about how the middle part of the book will turn out, but I have the beginning and I know how it will end, but what about the stuff in the centre, which is pretty important don't you think??  I could do a fill in the blank book, wouldn't that be fun?  I also need to figure out the age group I am writing this book for, defintely kids but should it be middle grade or older?  Once I have that sorted out then my language and content will hopefully make its way from my mind to the laptop!!

I was thinking about storyboarding Book 'B', I don't usually do a storyboard, or map out where the story is going, I usually sit in front of my computer and let it happen.  Maybe having a difinitive path to follow would make it easier, I will let you know!

Well, that's it for now, have a fun weekend everyone.

Happy Penning!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am an author!

Well, it is true.....I am an author!!  Okay, so an e-book author but still published.  Although it is not the manuscript I have been working on and revising till the cows come home, I still wanted to share with you my accomplishment, I am rather proud of myself I have to admit!

So, I won a summer writing contest for short stories.  I was picked with several others to have my work published as an e-book by Trestle Press Publishing.  I have gone through the editing process, and the cover process, and now it is up online for purchase!!  I am still a little flabbergasted at it all.  I went to the sites it is available on, which I will share later, and got a little teary-eyed seeing my name Samantha Weiler, and next to it, author.  Even now I am a little emotional, excuse me while I wipe my eyes....okay, better now!!

Anyway, what else can I say?  Oh yeah, I am still editing Book 'A' and writing Book 'B' but am not going to be posting 'Penned Pages' or 'Week in Writing' today, becasue today is all about my short story 'Beyond the Garden Gate' by Samantha Weiler (author)!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the sites it is available on......... (kindle) (nook) (all e-books including pdf)

Search.....Beyond the Garden Gate by Samantha Weiler, and it should pop up!!

Thanks to all of my family and friends for their support without whom I would not be where I am today, I love you all.

Only one more thing to say.......

Happy Penning!!