Monday, September 5, 2011


There are changes afoot!!  Not only in the seasons, my writing but also in my private life.  Summer is finally beginning to fade from view.  It was nice while it lasted but alas, all good things must come to an end!  My daughter is pretty much potty trained so we all know what that means......Preschool!!!  She will be attending a couple of mornings a week, but am I ready??  She will be fine, but will I??  I get a bit of a heavy heart when I think about her toddling off into her Preschool room to learn about sharing, and playing nice with friends!!  She is also starting a ballet class.  We bought her tights and leotard, and had to go to the local dance store for some ballet slippers, we were in there for an hour!!  She was looking at all the tutu's and ballets skirt, she thought it was fab.  Oh my, she is growing up, but do I want her too??  Of course I do but my baby turned into a toddler and now she is a preschooler, next thing I know she will be going off to College!!!

So I have been adding as much to my book as I can, which I have to say isn't alot at all.  I think about it all the time but when it comes down to it and I sit at my computer my mind goes blank.  I haven't been doing my 'Penned Pages' for a reason, I don't have any, but I think it is time for me to revive that part of my blog, partly because I think it was makes me own up to my writing.  So from here on out, you will see the previously viewed 'Penned Pages' added into my blog.  It will be pretty lame this week but hey it is a start!!  So without further ado:

'Penned Pages'

Monday (Labour Day):  Zip!!  Oh well, I didn't say they were going to be great did I??

Happy Penning!!

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