Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Plan!!

I have devised a new plan for myself during the beautiful summer that is upon us.  I am having a very difficult time focusing my efforts sitting indoors and writing.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the flies are being obnoxious but the creativity within me is waning...quickly!  For some reason my brain is telling me to enjoy the out of doors, play in the paddling pool with my daughter, go to the park, the zoo, anywhere that being outside is necessary.  Needless to say my writing is pretty much non-existant at the moment, so I have decided to concentrate my efforts on using my 'Writers Market' to make a list of potential literary agents and publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts.

The Writers Market is a wonderful tool for aspiring authors.  It houses pages upon pages of agents and publishers, including their contact information and websites, useful to find agents that specialise in your genre.  It also gives tips on how to write that eye catching query letter, so go pick one up today if you are in need of a literary agent!

I don't like to take my laptop outside with me, in case you were wondering why I can't get myself motivated indoors, I can see it now, my laptop will be forgotten outside and will be fried in the heat, or worse yet, we will get a summer storm, which we are experiencing alot lately and my laptop will be drowned.  At least if I take my pen and notebook with my Writers Market out with me they will not be sizzling if forgotten and will be able to dry out if soaked!  New Plan.....I like it!!!

Happy Summer everyone, and....

Happy Penning!!

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