Monday, April 25, 2011


So I am having a problem being consistent with my writing.  As you saw from my last post I managed to write 6 pages in one day, however since them I have wrote zip!!  That's right absolutely nothing.  Why I asked myself.  The answer that came to me was 'well you do procrastinate'.  I am a huge procrastinator....if I can wait to do it I will, yet when whatever it is that I have procrastinated about gets done it is equally as good as it would have been had I done it when I was supposed to.....confused???  Good God I am !!!!

So anyway.  Not only am I a procrastinator but I try to do 10 things as once, okay slight exaggeration there, maybe 3 things as once!!  I will put laundry in, then go on my laptop to write only to go into my email and start checking things, maybe pop onto Facebook, then I will have to go and sort out the laundry put in earlier, after that is done, I will have to get my daughter from 'nap' and writing is impossible with her up and at 'em!  So in the space of 2 hours I have done laundry, checked every website I am affiliated with but have done no writing!  Do we think maybe having specific times to write will help?  Should I give myself an hour per naptime where I MUST sit and write, because I will jump around doing this and that otherwise.  Then this is what I will do.....from 1pm to 2pm, I will sit and write, even if I get in half a page, that is my writing time ONLY!!  Let's see how this goal goes huh??

'Penned Pages'

Friday: 0
Saturday: 0
Sunday: 0 (It was Easter, and so I had ham and potatoes and veggies to cook for 7 people!!)

Excuses will get me nowhere...I know this but still have to have one!!

'Week In Writing'

Have nothing to tell really, no words were put down so no writing!!  Yawn!! 

'Author's Authority'

So I have a question to pose to you all.........If one sits down to write but gets distracted is he/she a true writer?

I read somewhere that when you are a born writer you can think of nothing else.  You fall asleep thinking of your novels, wake in the night just having to jot things down so you don't forget.  If this does not happen to you, if you are a distracted writer, is it in your blood? and can you ever be as good as those who claim to be born with writing in their blood?

Happy Penning!!

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