Friday, April 29, 2011

Stunned Disbelief!!

I am stunned, totally gob-smacked.....why I hear you ask??  Well, I have finished my first draft!!  WooHoo.  Now, I have a ton of revising to do, it is not as long as I intended and I will probably add some further description but I have a start, a middle and an end!!  How cool is that??

So here is what happened.....

Yesterday during kid naps, I sat banging away and before I knew it I had my ending in sight, I thought I had been writing for hours, but the kids were still in bed, asleep!  Anyway, I hadn't been writing as long as I thought and so decided to finish it all......this I did, and I can't believe it!

So from here on out, I will be editing, revisions, and changing many things I am sure.  I have already begun work on another unfinished manuscript, do I juggle both editing one and writing another simultaneously?

'Penned Pages'

Thursday: Wait for it........9 pages!!!!!!  9!!!!  Can you believe that????  Phew, my fingeres are blistered and sore, just kidding!

So, I now have a first draft with 61 pages of completed work.  Not sure how many this will be when I am finished with the revisions but will let you know.

Happy Penning!!

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