Monday, April 18, 2011

Today's Goal

Today I am setting a goal for myself, with it being written down and on display I am more likely to complete it than not!  Anyway, my to write 5 pages per day, without going back and re-reading previous pages, because that is very time consuming. I will leave editing until the manuscript is finished.  Now I know you are thinking '5 pages? that's all?' but for me that is an attainable goal, for others that could be half an hour of putting fingers to keys.  With a house to run, a daughter to raise, a PT job, evening classes to attend, I am happy to get 1 page down on the screen per day!  So, starting today I will log my page count.  Here goes:

Penned Pages:  I have 33 pages written so far.

Pages Goal:  I am hoping for a manuscript of approx 100-120 pages.

Week in Writing:  So far, I have written NOTHING!!!!!  Well, I did only start my blog yesterday to be fair to myself!! 

Author's Authority:  What is the average daily penned pages?  For instance, how many pages can Stephen King write per day? or Jodi Picoult?  Are they so accustomed to the writing process that it becomes easier with time?  Can they sit at their computer and bang out pages and pages of literary goodness, or is 5 pages a day their goal too!!  Maybe they handwrite their manuscripts or dictate for someone else to type out?  Questions I would love to answer for myself and for you.  I think I may have to do a little research and let you know what I find out.

Happy Penning!!!

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  1. Stephen King encourages writers to try for 2,000 words per day. But for new writers who are just getting started 1,000 may be a good starting place. (This is from his book On Writing: A memoir of the craft).

    Ted Dekker, another favorite author of mine says he writes 2,000 words per day six days a week.

    my goal is 1,000 words per day at least. The days I sit to write I almost always hit at least that, the problem is taking the time to get started. I only end up writing about 3 or 4 days per week.

    Anyway, good luck with your goals. :)