Friday, May 6, 2011

Editing - Round 2

I am finished with the first edit of my manuscript. At first the revision process was a little more difficult than anticipated, but as I went along, I truly found it to be cathartic. I was erasing the demons of the book and opening the doors for the heroes! Well, not literally as then I wouldn't have a very engrossing book!

I am not sure how many revisions this book will have but I am sure I am not quite finished yet! During editing I have started another book, not quite sure what the echelon is about editing/writing....Is it acceptable for me to be editing one and writing another?

I wonder if the second edit is faster than the first, and the third faster then the second. On the first edit I did alot of erasing and re-writing as well as grammar and spelling mistakes, althoug their r not manny of thowse as I thunk I am a grate speler!!!!!! But if I have already done alot of the grammatical errors etc.. then it is just the story to revise right? So, will it be easier? quicker? I will have see when I get to the second revision.
'Penned Pages'
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 2
Wednesday: Erased 2 pages, so am back where I first started at 0!!
Thursday: 1 page of story line ideas, and geographical places for the book.

'Week In Writing'
As I began a story, I got to the second page and realised I hated it...if I hated it after 2 pages then I wasn't going to enjoy writing it right? So, I erased the whole thing, which took me forever, just kidding. I then began some background writing for a new book. I don't usually do alot of background work or research, but for this next book, I think I will need it. So, aside from writing I will have an atlas in front of me to make sure all my mapping is correct.

'Author's Authority'
Is it safe to begin another book before finishing with the revision process on a previous book? I am not sure if one can keep on track editing while attempting to write. If your mind is trying to polish a fantasy story and you begin writing a romance, how can you be sure that your fantasy doesn't turn a bit sordid?? Maybe I will research how other authors combat to edit/to write.
Happy Penning!

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  1. I have not reached this stage myself so cannot provide any personal experience. I can only state what I have heard from others.

    Stephen King, in his book "On Writing: Memoirs of the craft" he said after you finish your first draft, before you edit it, put the book in a drawer and forget about it. 3 months, 6 months, however long it takes to completely forget about the story. Work on another story in this time or take time to relax, but don't touch the book.

    Then, after you have forgotten about it you can pull the first draft out and read it with a completely fresh mind.

    I'm not sure if I would be able to do that, at least not with my first work. I'm having a hard enough time not letting others read it as I go lol. :D