Monday, May 2, 2011


So here I am reading through my finished manuscript.  Well, I am changing so much I wonder if it was even worth writing it in the first place.....Okay, so YES IT WAS!!!!!  However, why am I changing so much of it?  Was the beginning of a different writing calibre than that of the end?  Guess I can't ask that yet as I haven't made it to the end quite yet!  But does our writing style/voice become stronger as we go on?

Maybe that is just something for new writers to ask themselves.  Once you get fully immersed into a story does it become easier to write?  And does the quality of our written word improve?  I know alot of writers say to write every day no matter what it is that you are writing, I guess that is just like anything else, practice, practice, practice!!!!

'Revisions Penned Pages'

Friday: 2
Saturday: 1
Sunday: 0
Monday: So far, 1 but I have big plans to spend my daughters nap time revising!

Only 57 more pages to edit!

'Week In Writing - Revision'

It is quite difficult to see my words previously typed out erased within a split second.  What I thought worked in the beginning actually didn't, at least not in my opinion at this moment in time!
So far I have erased almost the entire first page!  yet added a page or two with more descriptive sentences.  Why didn't I think of this before?  Add in a few bits and bobs and there you go!!  DONE!!  Well, not that easy because in the moment it seems to flow, the words fly from my fingertips and I get caught up in the story.  Now I am going back through it, I am realising that what I have written is sometimes a little too basic, that more back story is needed, which I wasn't thinking about when in the first stages of putting it all down.  Will I enjoy this editing process as much as the writing process??  Only time will tell, and I will tell you too!!!

'Author's Authority'

How many times do you edit until you are satisfied with the manuscript?  How do you know when to stop?  And how do you not change everything about the book?  These are questions I have about my ability to edit self-critically.  I am not sure I will know when to say....'Ah, there it is, my finished book.'  I may go too far and think....'Ugh, totally not worth sending out now!'  However, I hope I am critical enough to know when a sentence or paragraph needs pulling or embellishing, let's just hope I don't feel that way about all of them!

Happy Penning!

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