Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Editing - Round Three

Well, so far I have revised my manuscript about 3 times. Every time I go through it I start to go cross eyed. I am thinking I am at the point where I need a new pair of eyes to read it and give a critique. Hubby? Mom? or maybe a complete stranger? I am not sure if I want constructive, or possibly horrendous criticism from a stranger, then again my Hubby will tell me how fab it is, and Mom will be all about the grammar!

Why do I feel so wary about someone reading what I have written?  Part of it is the possibility of negative feedback.  I once gave a short story to someone to read, and their response when I asked them what they thought was a nod of the head, fake smile, and barely audible 'yeah'.  So, obviously they thought it was crap, but instead of no response, perhaps a pat on the shoulder, a pitiful smile, and maybe 'the concept was great, the writing was okay.  Keep trying, I would love to read more for you.'  That I could have dealt with, but as it is, I am a bit freaked out with letting my manuscript be read, even by my family.

There are no 'Penned Pages' today, and no 'Week in Writing' either!!!  This week has been wonderful and weird all at the same time.  I didn't write at all, I just revised, and that ended up mushing my brain!  But, today I am going to begin a new book.  I feel it is time to start something totally new.  I know, I know, last post I had written a few pages of a new manuscript but somehow whenever I sit to write, I just get a huge block.  So I thought I would start something new and see where it gets me....good idea?  Who knows, probably not but oh well!!

Happy Penning!


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